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For a marriage that wishes to form a family, there is no better news than to learn that they will be parents. Undoubtedly, when they hear that news, many can not contain the tears of emotion.
Knowing that a new member will come to the family is a true blessing. However, life has a good sense of humor and therefore, sometimes gives us unexpected surprises.

That was the case of Alexa and Antonin Kinova, a marriage of the Czech Republic. Both had become parents of a beautiful creature several years ago. However, they again received the news that they would become parents again. Both were very excited, as they could give a baby brother to their first child.

During pregnancy, everything was going great with Alexa. At the first medical visit, the woman underwent an ecosonogram when … surprise! The doctor noticed on the screen that there was not one fetus, but two. The couple would become parents of twins . Although the couple was not expecting such good news, they were very happy, because their desire was to have 3 children and, apparently, everything was pointing in that direction.


After some time, the woman returns to the hospital to know the development of her pregnancy. However, the surprises continued to appear. On his second visit to the doctor, a third member was noted in the womb. With the next ecosonogram appeared a fourth and in another it was noticed a 5 fetus developing in the belly . Frightened and yet excited, the couple no longer knew what to do.

By the summer of 2013, Alexa and Antonin became the first parents of the Czech Republic of quintuplets . This event was historic for both parents and the nation. The delivery took place without any problem and was totally natural. What is surprising about the case is that this pregnancy had been a product of the love that the couple felt, unlike other quintuplets that had been the fruit of in vitro fertilization.

Antonin said: ” On the way to the hospital, I cried bitterly because I did not believe it would arrive in time for the delivery .” However, the father was able to arrive on time and be present in the historic birth. “Both the mother and the children are totally healthy,” says the head doctor of the Prague health institute.

Today, the couple is raising Alex, Deniel, Michael, Martin and Terezka, as well as their first child. Undoubtedly, both feel blessed by God in giving him such a great privilege and give him more than they had asked for. If you think the story of this couple is surprising, share it on your social networks .



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