Scared Cats The Best Funny Cat Videos Compilation [25 MINUTES] 2014 Part I HD

Scared Cats Funny Videos Of cat being scared on utube. Best funny cat videos Compilation on youtube
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Scared Cats:
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Youtube funny videos of cats are best funny cat videos ever.


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  1. I loved the box and hairdryer one, reminds me of when my grandma had a cat. Especially the box, we would cut big holes in it and the cat would play and play with my brothers and I, he would even retract his claws to make sure he wouldn't scratch us.

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  2. I love animals but I have a really soft spot for cats.

    Tormenting the cat at the beginning, that's not ok.

    At 8:56 those people were willing to allow their cat to get eaten, not ok.

    People often forget that even warm water feels scaldingly hot to a cat.

    There are quite a few people here that are abusive to their animals, shame.

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  3. the kitchen looks like it's being tortured for Kitty evolution OMG kitty evolution Kitty something is really rare it destroys all Kitty mods I'm just talking about Pokemon it's a mega evolution Kitty Kitty mine it's a kitty money it's a revolution it's an ultimate it's it's it's it's it's mega evolution Kitty rest in peace Charmander 2016 got wrecked

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