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Quick-Thinking, Badass Shopkeeper Makes A Flamethrower When Confronted With Robbers

I can only imagine what a scary experience it must be to be robbed.

If I were put in the position of facing armed thieves, I probably wouldn’t be able to play it cool or fend them off. That’s why the most common advice is to give criminals your valuables to avoid putting yourself in danger.

One shopkeeper caught on surveillance video, however, defended his store with a next-level hack that allowed him to escape the gunmen robbing him.

The man picks up a can of insect repellant and a lighter, creating a homemade flamethrower. Genius! And so epic.


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I’m so glad he got them to leave! It’s probably best not to try this out at home, but his quick thinking did allow him to escape. SHARE this incredible story with others to celebrate his ingenuity.


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