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Put Some Vicks VapoRub on a Garlic Clove-The Reason? You Will Regret Not Knowing This Earlier!

Vicks VapoRub is a well-known ointment which is used for treatment of coughs, headaches, and stuffy nose, chest, and throat. However, this ointment has numerous other beneficial uses that can really come in handy. Let’s take a look at why you always need to have at least one jar of Vicks in your home:

1. Alleviates headaches- this ointment has menthol which is great against headaches. Apply a bit of Vicks under the nose and inhale it deeply.

2. It repels mosquitoes– rub some Vicks onto your clothes and skin and mosquitoes will not come near you as they cannot stand the smell of mint.

3. It treats acnes– apply Vicks onto the affected area few times per day.

4. Repels insects- rub Vicks onto your neck, knees, elbows, and behind the ears to repel pesky bugs while you’re on a picnic. In order to keep flies away, open a jar of Vicks and put it near you.

5. Speeds up the healing of bruises– mix a bit of salt and Vicks and apply it onto the bruise to prevent color changing and swelling.

6. Soothes sore muscles– massage the affected area and then wrap it with warm, dry towel. Then, raise the painful limb and relax until the pain goes away. Repeat the treatment 3 times per day.

7. Hydrates the skin- rub the affected area with Vicks.

8. Relieves pain from tennis elbow– rub the affected area with Vicks to relieve the pain

9. Heals cracked heels– rub Vicks onto the heels and then put on socks. Sleep with the socks on and in the morning, take off the clothes and rinse and exfoliate the heels. Repeat the treatment every night until the heels become softer.

10. Treats nail fungus– apply Vicks onto the affected toenail or fingernail twice per day and trim the nail gradually until the infected part falls out.

11. Alleviates cough and congestion– rub Vicks onto the throat and chest.

12. Prevent pet scratches on the furniture- rub Vicks onto the walls, furniture, and windows.

13. Removes splinters and heals cuts– apply it onto the affected area to speed up the healing and prevent infection.

14. Maintains the focus of race horses- apply Vicks under the nostril of the racehorse to keep them focused on the race and not distracted by the smell of female horses.

15. Reduces the appearance of stretch marks– apply some Vicks onto the stretch marks for 2 to 3 weeks regularly.

16. Prevent pets from peeing inside the house-open a jar of Vicks and place it in the place of your house where the pet pees the most.

17. Treats eczema– rub Vicks onto the affected area to lower the itching and inflammation.

18. Relieves earache- dip a cotton ball in Vicks and then put it into the ear. Or, warm a garlic clove in the microwave for 10 seconds and then apply Vicks onto its ends and then carefully, place the clot into the ear.

19. Alleviates Athlete’s foot– rub Vicks onto the affected area twice per day.

20. Removes warts– apply Vicks onto the wart and then cover it with gauze. Do this regularly until the wart falls off, usually in 2 weeks.

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