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Precious Pup Tries To Trade Dinners With His Favorite Human

When you’re a dog, sometimes you want something a bit more fulfilling than the scraps stuck to a bone.

One night, when this adorable Newfoundland pup got a peek at what his human pals were having for dinner, he was hoping that they saved him a seat at the table. The hungry pup even brought along his doggy snack in an attempt to trade it for just the tiniest of bites. But before his young friend could utter the words, “I don’t eat bones,” this poor pooch’s dreams of having the delicious home-cooked meal were crushed.

If you had to eat dog food every day, you might say, “I’ll have what she’s having,” too.


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It’s okay, puppy, come over to my house and I’ll give you a meal you can’t resist. Share this with your family and friends who can’t help but give pets a little snack under the table.


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