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Postman Goes Above And Beyond For A Sweet Dog That Loves Getting Mail

Many dogs enjoy torturing mail carriers by barking at them as they approach.

Some pups even go so far as to chase them down the street and right out of the neighborhood! But not this sweet dog from Brisbane, Australia.

Pippa loves nothing more than getting letters when local mailman Martin Studer stops by her house on his daily route. The adorable pooch comes running every time she sees him so that she can grab the mail and bring it back to her family.

Some days, however, there’s no mail for her to collect. Never one to disappoint, Studer came up with the best idea to make Pippa’s day whenever that happens.

He started writing Pippa her very own letters!

He started writing Pippa her very own letters!

Martin Studer / Facebook

“Got anything for my humans today?”

For me, you say? Thank you!”

Judging by the adorable look on her face, Pippa’s grateful for her favorite mailman. She’d probably make the best, most enthusiastic pen pal.

Finally, proof that mailmen and dogs can coexist!


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