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No, That's Not A Doll…That's The Cutest Dog Ever Spreading Christmas Cheer

Many people spend Christmas with their families, but it’s easy to forget that not everyone can do that.

For patients in the hospital, Christmas can be an especially difficult time of year. Not only are they sick, but they’re away from loved ones during many of their joyful celebrations. That’s why spreading Christmas cheer during the holidays is so important.

With the help of a tiny dog in a dress, patients at St. Rose Hospital in Las Vegas, Nevada, are getting an adorable visitor this year to help keep their spirits bright.

She’s so tiny and stands so well that at first I thought she had to be a doll. But then she started walking!


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I’m so glad there are adorable pups like this one in the world to bring happiness to others this Christmas. SHARE this act of kindness with the animal lovers in your life.


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