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Man Sits On Porch With Gun As School Children Walk By And Cops Can't Do A Damn Thing

Parents in Wichita, Kansas, are concerned after a man has been seen sitting on his porch and holding a gun across the street from an elementary school. The most shocking part? Police can’t do a thing about it.

When the image first surfaced online, some claimed the man, who only wants to be known as “Kyle,” was defending his driveway. Supposedly, he’s had problems in the past with people parking in his driveway, particularly during busy school hours. Local news crews caught up with Kyle, who says he is just a hunter who enjoys holding his gun. Um, okay dude.

While it’s a disturbing sight for parents, teachers, and kids, Kyle isn’t doing anything that’s not within his second amendment right. In fact, he has even made complaints against parents who have bullied him, including a father who threatened to “cut him,” which also isn’t cool. As of now, the school board says they are aware of the issue, but, like the police, can’t do anything about it.

Politics aside, I don’t think any parent would feel comfortable with this man across the street from their young kids’ school. How long will officials wait before taking action?


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It’s stories like these that make me wonder what kind of world we live in. I can’t bring my shampoo on an airplane, but this guy can freak out students and their families with a weapon? Be sure to SHARE this video with your friends and family to raise awareness about the creepy situation.


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