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Listen Up, Home Cooks: He Knows The Secret To Cutting An Onion Without Tearing Up

As much as I love the taste of a nice slice of onion on my burger, I can’t get over the whole crying thing.

I used to work in a grocery store where part of my job was to slice up onions for salads and other freshly made entrees, and let me tell you it was the absolute worst. Over the years, I’ve always thought that the type of onion was responsible for my emotionless tears, but as it turns out, that simply isn’t the case.

YouTuber Jack Scalfani explains that the area where the roots of the onion were in the ground is the actual cause of watery eyes. After touching on the “root” of the problem, the masterful chef shows us how to cut an onion without shedding a tear.

Take that, you edible monsters!


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You can check out more of Chef Scalfani’s awesome food hacks on his YouTube channel. Don’t forget to share this pro tip with the foodies in your life.


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