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It's Too Early To Talk About Christmas…Unless We're Discussing Wine Bottle Trees

‘Tis the season to completely skip over Thanksgiving and pretend that Christmas is the next national holiday.

Christmas is still more than six weeks away, but already it’s taken over store shelves all across the country. It’s only a matter of time before all your favorite Christmas songs are put on a repeated loop and become that irritating earworm that simply won’t go away. While I may be a holiday procrastinator, some Christmas addicts have already started picking out their perfect Christmas trees, and a brave few have even gone so far as to begin decorating them.

While I personally will be focusing on Thanksgiving until it passes, I do sort of wish that I’d planned ahead for Christmas a little bit. Why? Because wine bottle trees exist and I need one.

Imagine your kids waking up to presents under this tree!

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These holiday DIY projects certainly aren’t for Scrooge.


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