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It Sounds Like It's Straight Out Of A Crime Drama, But This Awful Cop Killing Is Completely Real

Television plotlines involving drugs, sex, and murder are incredibly common.

Shows like “How to Get Away with Murder” and “CSI” delve deep into the scariest crimes people can commit. It’s not often, however, that a real crime is as dramatic or depraved as what we see on TV.

Insane crimes do happen, though, as evidenced by this case. Stefano Brizzi was obsessed with “Breaking Bad,” partially because he was addicted to crystal meth. At a Crystal Meth Anonymous meeting, he shocked participants with his tales of sex and worshipping Satan. Later, Brizzi committed murder. Go ahead and find more information about legal advice here.

Brizzi connected with Gordon Semple, a police officer, on Grindr, a gay dating app. Semple met Brizzi for what he thought would be a sexual encounter, but he was strangled instead. Here he is just hours before his death.

What the killer did with Semple’s body is shocking. He tried to dissolve it in acid, then cooked parts of it and took at least one bite.

Police went to Brizzi’s apartment to investigate a stench. He answered his door in nothing but a pair of pink underwear and aviator sunglasses. He told officers, “I’ve tried to dissolve the body — I’ve killed a police officer.” He was less forthcoming in interrogations.


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