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Inspiring Parents Teach Their Kids Important Lessons Before School Every Morning

It’s tough out here for kids.

Getting picked on at school is almost a rite of passage at this point, and with the rise of social media, bullying sometimes follows kiddos home after they get off the bus. But one inspirational dad is helping his little girl grow up into a strong, humble young lady by making her give herself a pep talk before school every morning.

Each day, these two speak to their reflections in the mirror to learn important lessons about self-assuredness and humility. This is parenting done right.


And he’s not the only one! Watch as this mom helps her adorable boys grow into strong, caring kids.

Because children are under so much pressure, it’s important that parents show them that they’re capable of anything as long as they treat others with the kindness and respect they deserve. It’s possible to break the cycle of bullying. It starts by looking in the mirror.


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