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In Honor Of National Grandparents Day, Here Are 20 Awesome Grandmas And Grandpas

You know who are hands down the greatest people on Earth? Grandparents.

It’s not up for debate. With mothers and fathers stealing the spotlight and getting their very own holidays, isn’t it only fair that we also honor the grandmas and grandpas who spoil us rotten?

National Grandparents Day happens to fall on September 11 this year, so there’s still plenty of time to prepare and show your elders just how much they mean to you. Even though all my grandparents are no longer with us, I’ve decided to compile a list of grandparents who are so cool, they remind me of my own. Hopefully, this inspires you to pick up the phone and call Grammy and Pop next week (or today)!

1. This photo so accurately describes my dad’s parents. Even in the same room, they often managed to lose each other.

This photo so accurately describes my dad's parents. Even in the same room, they often managed to lose each other.

Reddit / bigred1987

2. This grandmother is proof that it’s never too late to achieve your dreams.

3. #GrandmaSwag


4. I’m so glad I inherited my awesome sense of humor from my grandparents. I’m sure their grandkids did, too.

5. Grandma doesn’t put up with haters!


6. This grandpa doesn’t live by the rules.

7. Since my grandfather was a carpenter, I could totally see him building me an awesome rollercoaster like this in my yard.

8. Any grandparent who tries to stay relevant for their grandchildren is a winner in my book.


9. This grandma takes being a cat lady to a whole new dimension.

10. I have yet to meet a grandmother who isn’t a straight-up boss.

11. Get your full life to this dancing granny!


12. I would always receive birthday cards from my grandparents with funny notes inside. This one might be the best, though.

13. There’s just something about grandparents and their solitaire.

14. You’re never too old for Snapchat.


15. My grandpa actually did this to me once. I wasn’t a fan a the time, but I sure appreciate it now.

16. My grandfather loved hunting, but I’m a little surprised he never took any awesome photos like this.

17. There’s nothing cuter than seeing two older people who are in it for the long haul.

18. If this awesome grandmother can run a marathon, then why can’t I?


19. This guy is so fit!

20. “The key to growing old,” my grandpa once told me, “is never taking life too seriously.”

I can’t wait until I have grandchildren of my own so I can be that cool grandpa they’ll always be proud of (even when I embarrass them).



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