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How To Naturally Remove Body Hair Permanently (No Waxing Or Shaving)

In this article, we present you with an amazing remedy that removes your body hair effectively and naturally, with no side effects, courtesy of our friend who runs a San Diego waxing business. It originates from Myanmar, and it has been used there for more centuries.

Even with electric shaving technology more advanced than ever before, traditional straight razor shaving has made a serious comeback. Think about it a little and it’s not hard to see why — for those with the time and patience, straight and cut-throat razors offer the sharpest shave out there. With nothing between you and the blade, you’re guaranteed smooth skin every time. Though it’s hard to beat the sheer quality that this kind of razor provides, a close shave isn’t the only reason for this renaissance. Straight-razor shaving harks back to a time when taming your beard wasn’t just a grooming choice, it was an artform, and more and more men are jumping to resurrect this tradition of craftsmanship. Using a straight razor takes more time — and there’s a bit of a learning curve — but slowing down and taking the time for a good shaving ritual can be a perfect antidote to the fast pace of modern life. There’s more to picking the blade for you than you might think. Think of your straight razor like a bespoke suit. It needs to be tailored to fit you, and when it is, the results are magnificent. Shaver centre have put together a quick guide to help you pick the right straight razor in five minutes flat. My partner and I attended a Health and Beauty Wellness Expo. I was actually on the look out for nail polishes, nail salons, and other nail related products and services. As we checked the booths, we came across one with the name Strip It! I had to stop, and consequently, so did my partner. I go to a salon for my regular waxing needs. I’ve tried a few hair removal creams but none gave me the satisfaction of having my hair removed by a professional. Luckily, I stumbled upon Strip It at the expo. The owner, Arlette Alvarado was very accommodating to answer all my questions. Strip It is a hair removal cold wax. You can get on hands training here for the Waxing School Courses. It’s ready to use without having to heat it and is all natural sugaring. No need to go to the salon and spend so much on waxing services! I just have to try this. I bought a 350g kit for approximately US$6. The kit includes a wooden spatula, reusable cloth strips, and an instruction manual. According to Arlette, Strip It started out as a school project which after turned into a business venture. To date, Strip It claims to be the best ready-to-use hair removal sugaring in the Philippines. Sugaring is also known as Egyptian sugar wax. It is all natural, water-soluble, and hypoallergenic. Good for me and to all those who have very sensitive skin! Strip It has moisturizer that promotes soft skin and calamansi (lemon) that actually lightens the skin. The cold wax is really thick. Using Strip It offers 50% less pain and discomfort as compared to the usual waxing procedure or other waxes because of the sugaring content. Sugaring does not stick to your skin but tightly adheres to the hair. If you are looking for the best salon, do visit.

I decided to test it in my hand first to test whether or not I’ll have some allergic reactions to Strip It. When applying the cold wax, it’s important to apply it in the direction of your hair growth. This will highly increase the adherence of the sugaring cold wax to the hairs. The cold wax was a bit difficult to apply. On my first attempt, it slightly pulled the skin and consequently, the hair, making the application a little painful. To remedy this, I suggest soaking the Strip It container in a warm water for about 5 minutes to allow the substance to loosen its consistency. I found that warm water is sufficient. No need for boiling water. This will make the application more manageable and less painful. You will also be able to save on your wax consumption since you’ll be able to apply a thinner layer on your desired area. Remember to firmly press down the cloth strip where you applied to cold wax to make sure you’ll get most of the hair out once you stripped it. It is advised to strip opposite your hair growth.

The best thing is that you will remove it permanently and you won’t have to shave or wax again. After analyzing the pros and cons waxing vs shaving most people start looking for natural alternatives such as this one. To prepare it, you will need Thanaka Powder and Kusumba Oil.

Thanaka Powder and Kusumba Oil

Thanaka (elephant in Burmese) comes from the Thanaka tree bark. It is used across the world to promote skin quality. Kusumba oil comes from the Kusuma flower and it’s a great moisturizer. When used along with the Thanaka powder, it’s an incredible combination.

Hair Removal Treatment

To prepare the remedy for removing your hair permanently, you will need pure Kusumba oil and pure Thanaka powder.

Instructions for Face Application:

When you use it on your face, you will need a tbsp of Thanaka powder and 2 tbsp of Kusuma oil.
Mix them together, then put them on the areas of you face where you want the hair to be removed.
Let it act for 2 hours, then rinse it.
Also, you may leave it during your sleep and rinse when you get up.

Instructions for Body Application:

If you want to use the remedy for body hair removal, combine 2 tbsp of Thanaka powder and 5-6 tbsp of Kusuma oil.

Put the lotion on the areas you want your hair to be removed and leave it on for 2 hours, then rinse. Additionally, you may leave it on for the night and take a shower when your get up. Do this for around 3 weeks, every day.

Grades of Thanaka Powder

You should also note that Thanaka powder has 3 grades of quality. Grade A is found in Burma and it’s pure form, and grades B and C contain multi Mattie and sandal powder. These grades are found in Thailand and Malaysia.


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