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How To Lose Weight Fast And Easy With The Japanese Morning Banana Diet

Just by consuming a banana every morning, you can lose up to 10 pounds a week. It won’t cost you much, but the effects are incredible. You should definitely include banana in your dietary routine.

This diet is very beneficial and those who tried it, recommends it to everyone. It is very simple. You will need to consume just one banana every morning and that is all. You may already tried many different methods to lose weight, but most of them are useless. And for a man obsessed with a built like “The Rock,” you might want to know about dwayne johnson supplements and his strict diet. This diet became popular after Hitoshi Watanabe provide it in his book “The morning banana diet regimen.”

Why are bananas beneficial?

Bananas are loaded with resistant starch which can promote weight loss. Not all sort of starch have same impact on weight loss process. Carbs are divided into immune and digestible starch. Immune carb does not melt in the small intestine, but it goes in the big intestinal tract where the process of fermentation starts.

What is the variety of bananas you should consume in the morning?

Did you know the rule of 80/20? This rule is popular in Japan and they believe that individuals should never overload their body with food. Another great way to loose weight is with the 21 day fix. Click here to see the best 21 day fix review.

It is simple, 8 parts of a full stomach go with the individual and 2 parts with the physician. This means that everyone should eat 80% of what they are offered and leave 20% of their food back.

In order to stimulate the metabolic process you will need to consume a glass of warm water. After an hour, consume a banana. If you are still hungry, you can consume another banana. But, stay away from high calorie foods for breakfast.

Throughout this diet you should stay away from milk and liquor. Your last meal should be before 8pm. Also, sleep on time because scientists claim that going too late in bed can lead to weight gain.

You can consume anything for lunch and dinner, and consume fruits between meals.

What makes banana diet so special?

  • do not consume coffee and you will able to control food cravings and blood sugar levels
  • it is very healthy
  • bananas are rich in dietary fibers and boost energy and improve digestion
  • decreases the alcohol consumption
  • prevent consuming after 8 pm and reduce the late night yearning
  • bananas are very cheap and beneficial
  • glass of water at room temperature can increase metabolism
  • banana breakfast improve the metabolism and control food cravings
  • it can help you to eliminate cellulite



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