How to Broil

Follow these four easy steps to better broiling.

Broiling is a great method for getting grill-like results in the kitchen. Both grilling and broiling are fast and easy, and both use direct, high heat to brown and cook food. Broiling is like grilling, then, only turned on its head. In this video you’ll learn how to broil in four easy steps. You’ll get great tips for preparing your meat in advance, for trimming fat to avoid flare-ups, and for preventing your meat from curling up under the broiler. You’ll discover how to keep lean chicken and fish moist under the intense heat of the broiler. You’ll also learn how to prep the broiling pan and get advice for making cleanup time fast and easy. You’ll also see a great trick for broiling meat without a broiler pan. We’ll show you how close to the heat source your food should be and where to set your cooking rack. You’ll learn which foods cook best at close range and which need a few extra inches distance from the heat source. You’ll find out why it’s best to use tongs when turning broiled meat and chicken and a wide spatula for turning broiled fish. You’ll learn at what temperature broiled steaks, chicken, and fish (like salmon and tilapia) are done and why you should allow meats to rest after removing them from the broiler.

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