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Here's How To Build An Epic Backyard Tiki Bar — You're Welcome, World

Your backyard drinking game just leveled up.

I used to be satisfied with a cooler of drinks next to the fire pit in my yard…and then I saw this epic backyard tiki bar. Now I’m obsessed with the idea of building my own slice of tropical heaven. Lucky for me (and for you), Instructables user ChristopherJ71 has not only built the thing, but he’s left a guide for the rest of us so that we can get on his level. Well, don’t mind if I do, ChristopherJ71! Don’t mind if I do.

First he gathers the raw materials. It’s about $500 worth of stuff in total.

First he gathers the raw materials. It's about $500 worth of stuff in total.

Instructables / ChristopherJ

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Then up goes the frame!

Double layers of wood at the base provide extra support against weather and tipsy friends.

Brackets and screws keep the roof beams anchored to the support beams. This thing isn’t going anywhere.

Heavy-duty bolts keep the walls attached to the corner supports. Notice there’s a gap in there to hold bamboo.

Then the awning support goes up, which is also attached with brackets and screws.

Time for the bamboo. Don’t worry, it’s special bamboo fencing. No need to add each piece separately.

Of course, you’ll need lights for ambiance. And, you know, seeing.

Now that your walls are up, it’s time for counters. Because what’s a bar without a bar?

Once the base for the counters goes up, it’s time to add the deck.

Then the roof.

This roof is made from bamboo thatch that came from a bamboo specialty store, which is apparently a thing.

Inside goes some handy shelving because booze storage is important.

Now’s the time for stain and/or paint.

Okay, people. Go admire your damn fine work.

Isn’t she lovely?

A true thing of beauty. If you need to go grab a tissue, I understand.

Did I mention that I’m free on weekends? For drinking, of course. Not building.

Check out the full materials list and detailed instructions here.



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