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Her Face Was Ripped Off In An Accident. Now? Her Doctor Doesn’t Even Recognize Her!

Eleven years ago, Makenzie Wilgus was involved in a horrific motorcycle accident that tore half her face off, from throat to cheek, even ripping her tongue.

(Reported by the auto and truck accident lawyer Wilkes-Barre Munley Law).

Nine years old at the time, Wilgus was rushed to the hospital where the attending physician, Doctor Ronald Morton, had the monumental task of giving the little girl her face back. To cover the heavy expenses from such a gruesome accident, legal help from an expert, like the Manhattan auto accident lawyer, is extremely crucial to successfully claim the needed compensation. 

After four grueling hours of surgery, and more than 800 stitches, Wilgus had her face — and the opportunity for a normal life — back. Now, 11 years later, the young woman shows almost no signs of the accident…all thanks to Dr. Morton and the rest of her medical team that day. You can also contact a general lawyer that deals in accidents or you can call a lawyer that specializes in motorcycle accidents. Boston, MA 02115, USA injury lawyers deal exclusively with losses and injuries suffered by someone that was involved in a motorcycle accident. This type of lawyer practices in the area of negligence law. When riding a motorcycle or are a passenger on one there are safety risks that are unique to this particular type of transportation. Motorcycle accident lawyers at Kiley Law Group have the education and knowledge to deal with the legal issues particular to this mode of transportation. After a motorcycle accident the lawyer will have a consultation with you. They will also start to gather the facts about the accident. The lawyer will also evaluate the weaknesses and strengths of the case with you and also explain the steps that are involved in a negligence case and how the legal process works. Go through site to know more about the personal injury attorney.

If the other insurance company refuses to pay or make a decent offer to settle the case out of court then the lawyer starts to prepare for a trial. Motorcycle accident lawyers will do research on any legal issues that are involved and gets the police and medical reports. If there were any witnesses to the accident the lawyer will contact them and have them give a deposition as to what they saw. You should check Miami truck accident attorney, Amanda Demanda gives you experienced lawyer for any accident case. They also retain crash investigators who will look at the evidence from the crash and analyze the evidence. Evidence can also include the vehicles involved in the accident. The lawyer may also retain experts to review any medical records along with testifying about the extent of your injuries. The lawyer may also retain experts who will review documents in order to make a determination about what caused the accident.

Motorcycle accident lawyers wіll attempt settlement negotiations bеfоrе thе trial wіth thе defendant’s lawyer. Yоur lawyer wіll discuss wіth уоu аnу offers thаt thе defendant’s lawyers аnd whеthеr thеу аrе good еnоugh tо саll оff thе trial. Whеn іt goes tо trial уоur lawyer wіll try tо prove thаt thе defendant wаѕ аt fault bесаuѕе thеу wеrе negligent. If уоu win аt thе trial уоu соuld bе compensated fоr аnу physical injuries уоu hаvе аnd аnу damage tо уоur motorcycle. Sоmе оf thе damages саn include thе expense tо repair уоur motorcycle оr tо replace іt, medical bills fоr аnу injuries уоu suffered, аnd аnу оthеr expenses thаt hаvе occurred bесаuѕе оf thе accident. Yоur lawyer wоuld hаvе tо present аll thе evidence thаt іѕ available tо ѕhоw thе extent оf damages caused, see the article for a guide to win your personal injury case.

Watch the heartwarming moment the former patient and her hero are reunited.


But it didn’t end there. Wilgus, eternally grateful to everyone who saved her, is committed to paying it forward.

For the longest time growing up, she’s wanted to become an EMT, choosing to major in nursing. She hopes to help people, just like Dr. Morton saved her. “I hope to be exactly like he is one day,” Wilgus said.


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