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Her Condition Is Hard To Diagnose And The Symptoms Can Be Absolutely Debilitating

Lyme disease is a severe bacterial infection caused by tick bites.

People who are infected with Lyme may experience a rash, fever, headaches, and exhaustion. Because these are common afflictions, however, the infection is difficult to diagnose and often goes untreated until more serious symptoms develop. The stories of people living with Lyme can be heartbreaking, especially because they never know if they’ll be able to function normally or be stuck in bed writhing in pain.

Rachel Battersby, now 25 years old, contracted Lyme disease in 2010 on a trip to Sweden.

At first, the young woman experienced a sore back, but then she started passing out and experiencing shooting pain up and down her spine.

Treatment for Lyme varies for everyone and can often prove unsuccessful. It can also become incredibly expensive.

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What’s more, the Australian government doesn’t acknowledge that Lyme disease is a problem in their country, so Battersby has struggled to find treatment options in her home country.


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