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Her Babysitter Canceled On The Night Of Her Big Exam, So Her Professor Took Over

Being a single mom is one of the hardest jobs anyone can have.

To be a student on top of that makes for some crazy nights. When ROTC student Monica Willard’s babysitter canceled on her the night of her military history exam, she had no choice but to bring her four- and five-year-old kids with her. She was worried her professor, Dr. Daniel Krebs, would be upset, so she set her children up with a laptop to play in the hallway while she took the test.

When Dr. Krebs heard the kids outside, he did something incredible — he went out to play with them.


A fellow student, Victoria Henry, posted on Facebook about the kind gesture.

“Witnessed one of the most caring gestures of my college career tonight. After just a few minutes of the kids playing loudly, the professor went to the hall and simply started to play with them to keep them occupied while their mom took the final.

Such a kind and caring act committed when the reaction could have been the complete opposite. My heart is warm tonight.”

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