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Heartwarming Moment When Elderly Caretaker Gets Resident Dancing Around

Here at FunnyModo, we love to share uplifting and inspiring videos with you. Some show random acts of kindness, but few cause change after they’ve made the internet rounds. This video is the exception.

When Lee Holdroyd, a 28-year-old caretaker at the Wansbeck Care Home in the U.K., saw that one of the residents seemed down, he didn’t just brush it off. Instead, he went above and beyond to bring a smile to her face.

Knowing that Pat is a fan of music, Holdroyd put on a song and soon, the 80-something woman was on her feet dancing. That’s when this happened.

How touching is that? Well, other people thought so, too, and news of the video spread far and wide…

So far, in fact, that Pat’s long-lost brother got word of it and called her. They hadn’t been in touch for nearly 70 years! But the effects of this heartwarming exchange didn’t stop there.

Holdroyd and his brother had a falling out a few years ago, but he saw it online and reached out to the caretaker to tell him that he was “proud” of him. Now, they’re not only in touch, but they’ve planned to meet up!

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