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He Was Playing On The Playground When He Was Greeted By A Long-Awaited Visitor

Being away from loved ones for any extended period of time can be rough. It’s even more difficult when you’re only three years old.

Matthew Gershowitz found this out the hard way. His father is stationed on the USS Tennessee, and communication on a submarine is painfully limited. Little Matthew often has to go weeks (and sometimes even months) without so much as an email from his father.

But what started out as a typical day on the playground turned into a day that the little one wouldn’t soon forget. He was called away from his friends because of a surprise visitor who wanted to chat with him. When he saw who walked through the door, he couldn’t help but lose it.

Get the tissues ready for this father-son reunion.


I’m not crying. You’re crying! Let’s be real, though. I need a minute to process this.



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