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He Took Some Wood And Pipes And Made The Coolest Bar Area Ever

I would absolutely love to have my own bar. But let’s get real — who wouldn’t?

You’d never have to pay for overpriced drinks again, and you could throw amazing house parties. The only problem is that these babies are seriously expensive. But when Redditor awd55 used some cheap wood and pipes to build a spot for his craft beer obsession, he proved that you don’t have to empty your wallet to become the proud owner of an awesome bar. If you’re into industrial design concepts, you’ll love this!

For the bar top, awd55’s girlfriend found the perfect piece at a lumber yard.

After the crafter sanded and stained it, he added a few coats of polyurethane finish.

Then he screwed black iron piping to the bottom of the slab, tightening everything by hand to make sure it was sturdy enough.

Before mounting the bar, he screwed more piping into the wall and added cheap pine boards to create great-looking shelving that can hold a lot of weight.

For the last step, he used drywall screws to attach the bar to the wall. It looks so cool!

If you didn’t know that this was someone’s house, you’d think you were at an actual bar!

I wonder if awd55 would let me be his first customer. I promise to tip well, especially if he does this. If you’d like to replicate his awesome work, you can find the full instructions here.



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