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He Took A Cargo Trailer And Turned It Into One Seriously Awesome Camper

Camping isn’t exactly high up on my list of favorite recreational activities, but every now and then, I endure becoming one with nature.

I’d probably enjoy camping a bit more if I had one of those tricked-out campers with hot water and a TV, but with those luxuries, is there really any need to leave my house for the weekend? It also doesn’t help that a fully loaded camper or RV can cost a small fortune.

That’s the problem hookhands and his wife were having. The couple wanted to spend more time camping, but sleeping in a tent just wasn’t for them. While his wife wanted a teardrop camper with nice trailer tires . Our builder set out to build a slightly cheaper alternative. He was eventually able to completely overhaul a new cargo trailer into a cozy camper!

He purchased this cargo trailer for relatively cheap.

The crafter first removed the trailer’s plywood interior.

The crafter first removed the trailer's plywood interior.

Reddit / hookhands

He cut out a hole for a ceiling vent and installed it using self-tapping screws.

After that, he cut room for a door.

After installing the door, our builder added a frame and put some insulation on the walls.

To help with paneling the inside, he reinstalled the original plywood liners.

Things were looking a bit dark, so he added a window.

Next up was some nice vinyl flooring.

Hookhands began installing faux wood paneling on the walls of the camper.

He even added paneling to the ceiling to keep things cohesive.

He then framed a wall to separate the galley from the main living space.

With the wall completed, he began working on shelving and other camping essentials.

The builder installed some vinyl floor tiles to the galley and added a countertop equipped with a sink.

It might not be the most advanced camper, but it’s a peaceful place to enjoy a relaxing weekend away from life’s troubles.

With a camper like this, even I would consider roughing it more often. For full instructions, click here.


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