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He Saw That One Of His Students Struggled To Get To School, So He Did This

Thomas Mitchell makes a living as a bus mechanic. Every now and then, though, he gets behind the wheel and serves as a substitute school bus driver.

While filling in for the driver of a bus for special-needs children, he noticed a problem that he simply couldn’t ignore. One of his students, Lydia, was confined to a wheelchair, but her house was anything but handicap accessible. Her home did have an aluminum ramp, but a set of stone steps made it difficult for Lydia to maneuver about and get her day started.

Taking matters into his own hands, Mitchell called Lydia’s mother and surprised the woman and her daughter by offering to build a new ramp that would make Lydia’s routine a whole lot easier.

In just a few days, Mitchell and four of his friends were able to construct a brand-new ramp for the house.

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(via WREG News Channel 3)

Mitchell may only be a substitute driver, but he’s definitely left a lasting impression on Lydia and her family. Share this small act of kindness to remind others that good people like him still exist.


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