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He Put Coke Cans On A Table And Pushed Them, But One Didn't Budge — Here's Why

As an artist myself, I’ve received quite a bit of flack from fellow artists because I tend to work in a more realistic style.

And that’s nice and annoying, because it’s hard to do. The criticism stems from the fact that this approach apparently isn’t creative enough (to which I say SHOVE IT). My personal pettiness aside, however, I guess I can see where they’re coming from. For that reason, I want to introduce nay-sayers to an artist by the name of Howard Lee.

He works in a hyperrealistic style, and I dare anyone to tell me that his creations aren’t…well…creative.

I mean, look at this. It’s fun, amazing, and way better than anything most of us could ever pull off.

I mean, look at this. It's fun, amazing, and way better than anything most of us could ever pull off.

YouTube / Howard Lee

Satisfying, isn’t it?

There’s only one real piece of candy in this pile. Just let that sink in.

But watching him work is where things get really dumbfounding. Check out the process he used to draw that bafflingly realistic Coke can and bask in his artistic glory.


The hot dog video is making me so jealous. So, so jealous.


Why not keep this attack on my self-confidence going?


To learn more about Howard Lee, be sure to check him out on YouTube! If you need me, I’ll be busy feeling bad about myself.


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