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He Poured A Tablespoon Of Olive Oil Into A Lake To Calm The Waves In Just Minutes

I’m willing to bet that most of you reading this have at least one bottle of olive oil lying around the house.

You’re probably used to using this cooking oil in the kitchen to help make delicious meals the whole family will enjoy, or perhaps you’ve stockpiled the olive-y goodness to try out one of these epic life hacks. While olive oil can prove quite useful around the house, one scientist is here to prove that you might just want to bring along a bottle or two on your next boating adventure.

While boating to the middle of the water, this scientist pours just a tablespoon of olive oil directly into the lake. In just a few minutes’ time, the end result becomes abundantly clear. The oil is able to disrupt the rippling waves and make for much calmer boating conditions.

And if you thought watching the waves dissipate was fascinating enough, wait until you hear the science behind this strange phenomenon:


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