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Guy Connects Two Restaurants For Takeout Orders — They Don't Catch On For SO Long

Nowadays, there are so many ways to order food for delivery or pick-up — online, via an app, or the classic way…on the phone.

I generally order online so I don’t have to talk with anyone. But if I’m forced to call a restaurant, I mentally prepare myself for the fact that they’ll probably get my order wrong because of miscommunication.

That’s why when this YouTube prankster connected two Chinese restaurants with each other, the hilarious exchange was so enjoyable.

It takes forever for them to figure out what’s going on, and the kid who called the restaurants has to leave the car because he can’t keep it together!


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You can tell the restaurant owners really took it in stride. This prankster shared his laughs with us, so SHARE this to make your friends and family giggle, too!


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