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Give Santa A Dessert To Remember With These 18 Christmas Cookie And Snack Recipes

After visiting millions of houses in one night, Santa Claus probably gets tired of the same old sugar cookies. This year, why not surprise St. Nick and your family by whipping up something a bit more unexpected?

These 18 Christmas cookies and other treats are anything but boring. From chocolate chip “snowballs” to “reindeer poop,” there’s a recipe here for everyone. The hard part will be choosing which to try first!

1. Eating just one of these chocolate chip snowballs is near impossible.

2. Maraschino cherries are a common Christmas treat, but now you can take the tradition one step further with cherry almond shortbread cookies.

3. Ritz cracker peanut butter cookies are the perfect blend of sweet and salty.

4. You might be turned off by the idea of cheese in your cookies, but you’ll be a believer after tasting these Italian ricotta treats.

5. Of course, you don’t have to make cookies. These peppermint mocha brownies are a delicious change of pace.

6. And thin mint Oreo cups are Santa’s dream come true.

7. Everyone loves a good holiday Chex Mix. No wonder this one is called Christmas crack!

8. The creator of these sugar cookie truffles says each one is a “rolled-up ball of Christmas goodness.”

9. These snowman cupcakes are almost too cute to eat!

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10. Chocolate-covered candied pretzels make a beautiful edible gift.

11. And so do these awesome marshmallow pops!

12. No one will ever guess how easy it is to make peppermint candy cane cookies.

13. Good luck saving a reindeer Rice Krispies treat for Santa! The kids will devour them immediately.

14. There’s nothing more classic than a good gingerbread man.

15. It’s a pie! It’s a cookie! It’s a pecan pie thumbprint cookie!

16. These candy cane kiss cookies can be made in chocolate or vanilla.

17. Peppermint chocolate puddle cookies are so yummy, no one would think that they’re gluten- and dairy-free.

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18. Last but not least, if you’re running low on time, make no-bake reindeer poop cookies! Santa will love them, and the name is sure to make kids laugh.

What are your favorite holiday treats? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!


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