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Eating Chocolate For Breakfast Could Turn You Into A Morning Person — Seriously!

If you’re like me, you definitely aren’t a morning person.

It takes all my willpower sometimes to force myself to get out of my warm, cozy bed and get going. And like many others, I don’t like dealing with anything before I’ve had my coffee. Up to this point, I’ve accepted the fact that this is just how I am, but now I know that my general disdain for the morning actually has a lot to do with what I eat for breakfast.

According to nutritionist Rob Hobson, starting the day in a great mood is easy — all you have to do is incorporate these 10 foods and drinks (including chocolate!) into your morning meals.

1. Fortified cereals that are high in fiber aren’t only a good source of B vitamins — they also help prevent seasonal affective disorder by giving your body some much-needed vitamin D.

2. Eggs are packed with protein as well as 13 key vitamins and minerals. They also keep you feeling full, which prevents excessive snacking.

3. If you’re always tired and down in the morning, try some dried fruits — they’re chock-full of iron.


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