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The bad diet, alcohol, smoking, stress and harmful effects of medicines, body burden and liver and they are unable to perform their functions and therefore need detoxification or cleansing the body. The body constantly sends us signs to show us days something is wrong with us but we should know how to recognize those signs in time to make a cleaning body. Our organism is daily exposed to harmful substances in the air, food, and water even though we live healthily is necessary at least once a year to make detoxification. We will now tell you a few signs that should make cleaning the body.


An unhealthy diet, fast lifestyle and stress result in the deposition of fat and sugar and thus slow down the metabolism and, thus creates bad indigestion and occurrence of flatulence. And in this case intestines suffer and they do not perform their function so deposited nutrients that cause false hunger and bring the body to the full stomach.


If during the hard work you feel tired it is normal but if every day you are tired and have no energy and you are unable to perform your daily tasks it is a sign that you need to do detoxification.

Changes in the mood

If you are stressed then toxic substances are deposited in the body and thus reduces the energy. While reducing energy amplified feelings of anger, jealousy, attitude and anxiety and this is a sign of detoxification required and then you need a relaxation of the body.

Changes on the skin

Toxins and harmful substances prevent the absorption of nutrients to the epidermis on the skin and come to a blockage of the pores. The pores are the largest organ of the body when they are clogged leading to fat and on the skin cracking capillaries. Except it comes to acne and rashes and it is a sign of the need for detoxification.


If you have a problem that you can not sleep that means is burdened your liver. Deposition of toxins especially estrogen cause insomnia. Because of his excessive work that prevents restful sleep and that’s why it’s cleaning.

White and yellow tongue

If your tongue is yellow and white it is an important indicator that there are large quantities of toxic substances in the body. The normal color of the tongue is faint – red or pink if the color is different it means the system of digestion is struggling with harmful substances from food, water, air, therefore need detox – program.


Symptoms usually begin by entering more or fatty foods and then there is a sense of discomfort in his right shoulder and feeling of heaviness, pain, nausea and vomiting. When appearing any of these symptoms in the bile it is a sign that your gallbladder is full of harmful substances, poisons and you need cleansing the body.

Needs for sugars

When the need for sweet and sugar is a sign of detoxification to remove harmful substances and reduce the need for sweet.


You need detoxification if you have frequent headaches for no apparent reason. Chronic headaches and migraines returning repeatedly it is a sign that the body has greater amounts of harmful substances.

Ways that will help you get rid of toxins

To visit sauna
To drink 2 liters of water a day
Physical activity
Lymphatic massage
Make hydrotherapy

These nine signs will tell you when your body needs a detox – program.

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