Cats Can Be Jerks – Funny Cat Compilation # 11

Not only cute cats get into videos. Here are some jerky individuals 🙂 On this channel I am trying to publish only interesting videos about funny cats and dogs, …


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  1. If those cats fighting had stopped to think after taking those two big falls, they'd have said, "Let's stop fighting and get that damn bird." Anybody know what kind of bird that was? Looks and acts like a crow, but wrong color scheme.

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  2. Ok for all you idiots that think cats do not need to be bathed, they do. My cat is a house cat and never goes out side. If I do not give him a bath, he stinks even though he licks himself. So your claim that he bathes himself or herself is not true.

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  3. Yeah bitch your voice was so annoying like an orange on YouTube. Poor cat didn't want to hear it anymore!

    The tuxedo cat , being into the tub is so bad for cats
    No confined spaces is terrible!
    Showers works better , but only when cats are treated right and showered since when they were little kittens.

    What's wrong with the crow chasing the cat? That was weird !
    Either was protecting the other cat or was trying to eat one of them !

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  4. All these people who are saying not to give cats a bath have obviously never had a Maine Coon. For one, their long fur gets dirty and matted if not bathed and brushed often and two, most of them don't mind if not love water. Also when cats have fleas or roll around in their litterbox or garage floor, if you don't bathe your cat after that you are one nasty mother.

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  5. I see y'all down there complaining about them bathing their cats, well let me tell you…

    They probably had very good reasons to do so. Most people know that cats doesn't need to be bathed, but sometimes it's necessary. Especially if you have a cat with no fur or very thin fur that has issues with their skin.

    I have a cat who's a maine coon mix. His fur is very… Special. It needs to be showered or else it turns into dreadlocks. It's not a fur where you just need brushing and it'll be fine, it's a fur that if you don't shower and wash it once a week it becomes terrible and he has to have painful knots and dreadlock like tangles.

    I brush him twice a day and its just how is fur is.

    My two other cats I only shower if they for example get dirty by going through the garbage. My one cat learned to open the hatch to the trash bin and when I got to her she was covered in filth. It was absolutely necessary because if I had let her go, these things would've happened:
    1. She'd get her dirt and filth all around the house.
    2. It would've dried up and her fur would've turned into a thick cake.
    3. She would've licked it and gotten unhealthy substances in her system.

    You don't know if these cats are actually 100% clean or not so stop bitching. I'm sure they had good reasons.

    If not, then shame on them.

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