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Are This Dad's Interpretations Of His Kid's Drawings Are Cool, Creepy, Or Both?

Most of us celebrate our kids’ artwork by hanging it on the fridge, but this dad has a far different approach.

His son, six-year-old Dom, has an active imagination and loves to draw. Inspired by his son’s unique point of view, he decided to bring the artwork to life using computer programs. What they’ve created together is incredible…and a little bit creepy.

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Dom’s dad shares his art on an Instagram accounted called “Things I Have Drawn.” In just over a year, they’ve attracted more than 59,000 followers.

From cats to robots to Easter Bunnies, these drawings make it clear that this six-year-old sees the world differently than adults.

Honestly, I prefer his version of a seagull to the real thing!

By far the creepiest piece of art they’ve created is this portrait of Dom’s dad.

On the other hand, his interpretations of clownfish and sharks are hilarious!

Goat or the Abominable Snowman? You be the judge.

Many of the drawings are accompanied by Dad’s funny descriptions. This one reads, “I went to the beach to find something to draw. This crab looked like quite jolly down by the shore. He’s not quite so happy next time we meet, down at the market, ready to eat.”

It would be incredible to spend a day inside Dom’s head and see the world though his eyes.

Luckily, his dad has given us the next best thing!

I hope this talented father and son keep making art together for a long time.

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Congratulations, Pops! You’re totally winning this whole parenting thing.



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