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All You Need To Save Your Manicure Is A Tea Bag…I Wish I'd Known This All Along!

If you love to keep your nails on point, breaking one can be a huge pain.

I always thought my only real option was to cut off the broken piece, reshape the nail, and wait for it to grow back. Not anymore, with one woman’s amazing trick! All you need is a tea bag, some scissors, clear nail polish, and a file. You, too, can have a picture-perfect manicure once again.

It’s so quick and so easy that I could hardly believe it. No wonder more than 29 million people have checked out this video!

Facebook / Eyeliner Addict

All you do is cut a piece of netting to fit your nail, paint with clear polish over it, and file the excess away. Amazing!

(via Her)

I am definitely going to be using this trick. Share it with all the people in your life who love to keep their nails looking flawless.



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