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After Having Knee Surgery, This Girl Had The Most Hilarious Conversation With Her Mom

Going under the knife can be stressful for a lot of reasons.

In this day and age, though, one of those reasons happens to be the effects of anesthesia. Thanks to smartphones and digital cameras, some particularly embarrassing moments can be caught on film (and then shared on social media). In a cruel twist of fate, young people (those more likely to be embarrassed over such an event) happen to be more reactive to anesthesia. So, it’s a perfect storm of hilarity.

One Twitter user, Julia Sherman, was waking up from being put under for knee surgery…and the conversation she had with her mom is hilarious.

Balls were on her mind (and I’m rolling on the floor laughing):

And to think, this was Julia before the drugs took over.

At least she was a good sport and shared the video for Internet to enjoy. Thanks, Balls Girl!



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