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A Grandmother Tried Out Face Swap And Had An Appropriately Hilarious Reaction

It is typically stated that older generations do not care to familiarize themselves with the altering occasions and applied sciences.

And that is completely comprehensible. They grew up throughout a slower time…when photographs needed to be developed at a retailer, movies have been in 2-D, and everybody’s face belonged solely to the individual it was hooked up to.

However regardless of how lengthy they ignore it, occasions, they’re a-altering. Photographs are immediately obtainable, movies are three-dimensional, and your face is no longer your own!

When this grandmother was lastly launched to Face Swap, she had the precise response you may anticipate…horror combined with infantile pleasure.

I imply, that is fairly scary, Nan.

I mean, this is pretty scary, Nan.


Okay, again to being cute.

You might need to flip your sound down barely for all of the hilarious shrieks.


Oh, Nan. I want my grandmother was as desperate to check out new issues. Till then, I am going to simply maintain watching your reactions on repeat. Play on!


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