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9 People Charged After Police Find A Baby Girl Locked In A Box

It’s hard to imagine anyone hurting a child, and in some ways, it’s even harder to think about someone seeing an abused toddler and choosing not to say anything to authorities.

When Pulaski County Sheriff Jeff Richwine received a tip that a three-year-old girl was being kept in a wooden box, he hoped the story was false. Unfortunately, the toddler was confined as such. The container was kept in the living room of the home where her father, Christopher Short, and her stepmother, Donna Short, lived.

When police arrived and rescued the little girl, they discovered seven other adults who lived at the house who said nothing about her condition.

The wooden box she was kept in was completely unsanitary, with dead bugs lining the corners. She was wearing only a small blanket when she was discovered.


“Nobody spoke up about a little girl in a box,” Sheriff Richwine said. “Even while we were in there and started taking people out, nobody spoke up and said hey, there’s a little girl over here in a box.”

In addition to her father and stepmother, the other adults living in the home have been charged with either neglect or failure to report child abuse.

(via WSBT 22 and Mommypage)

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