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8 Things a Mature Man Will Never Do

Have you ever wondered when exactly do men become mature, and what does that even mean? After all, some people become adults at around 15 or 16, while others are still children even after their thirties or forties.
Today we at Bright Side have decided to share with you 8 characteristics that distinguish emotionally mature men from those who aren’t. Believe us, age isn’t a crucial factor here.

A mature man won’t criticize your looks

“Why don’t you dye your hair blonde?“ ”Dear, I wish you were a little bit slimmer.” A man who truly loves you will never speak about your appearance in this way. By doing so he is not attempting to help you. Instead, he is deliberately trying to deflate your self-esteem to make sure that you’re not confident enough to leave him. A mature man will never lower himself to criticize you for the sake of satisfying his own ego.

He won’t violate your personal space

If you have a healthy relationship, you don’t have to hide anything from one another, whether it be Facebook messages or contacts in your phone book. However, this doesn’t mean that your partner can pick your pockets or read your personal correspondence. By doing so, your man demonstrates nothing but self-doubt and a lack of respect to you.

He doesn’t run away from difficulities

When we were teenagers, we all would lock ourselves in our own world when faced with difficulties, wouldn’t we? A mature man knows well that the best way to solve any personal, family, or work problem is to face it, rather than run away. But this doesn’t mean that he is always looking for trouble. A mature man knows when to solve the problem and when to avoid a fight.

He doesn’t think showing emotion is a sign of weakness

Being a manly man is not about being unemotional and reserved. A wise man is not afraid of being criticized for showing his sensuality and tenderness or being romantic. He knows that he won’t become less manly if he shows his emotions. Moreover, such behavior is an important piece of building a healthy relationship.

He doesn’t think of today only

Some men can easily spend their last penny having dinner at an expensive restaurant without thinking of the consequences. Or they can throw a big party in the middle of the week and take a day off from work the day after. Such men just aren’t able to plan ahead and think of tomorrow. In fact, the sight of a bunch of middle-aged men behaving like overgrown, overexcited schoolboys is enough to drive any woman to breaking point. However, it doesn’t mean that your life has to be boring and unspontaneous — you just shouldn’t live for today only.

He won’t make you feel second to his friends

All men need to go out with their friends and have their guys’ nights from time to time. But a wise man will never make his woman feel second to his friends. Those men who often listen to the advice of their buddies and ignore the opinion of their beloved ones are most likely to have psychological problems. Most often, these are overly infantile and immature individuals.

He has a healthy relationship with his mother

A mature man always makes time for his parents, even if their relationship is not very trusting. He understands that caring for those who cared for him for so long is very important. However, he never crosses the line when one of his parents (usually his mother) begins to occupy a central place in his life, forcing out all others.

He respects you and will never hit or offend you

This includes not only physical but also psychological abuse. If you are experiencing any kind of violence at home, then stop making excuses for your man and leave him immediately. A mature man doesn’t hit women, no matter how angry he gets.
The way a man treats his woman depends not only on his personality but also on the behavior of the woman herself. A healthy relationship is the work of two, and women also have to avoid certain mistakes to live happily with their partners.



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