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8 Basic Steps To Prepare Rice Water For Hair

Nature is the store house of ingredients that can help us stay in a state of good health always. One of the various ingredients in this storehouse is rice. When combined with water, rice can offer many healthy benefits. Rice water is known to brighten and soften skin, tightening its pores, prevent pigmentation, age spots and regenerating cell growth. At the same time, it is considered equally beneficial for our hair as it contains proteins that can repair hair and also make it smoother and shinier.

History Of Using Rice Water For Hair:

The benefits of rice water are not something new you should know. In fact, the Japanese have been using it to make their hair healthier since 800 AD. As per Japanese history, the women from their imperial court used ‘Yu-Su-Ru’, the water retained after rinsing rice for washing their hair. This water was used to make their hair beautifully shiny and long such that many women had hair that would sweep the floors as they walked!

Till date, the Yao minority from Huangluo village in Southern China, have wonderfully long and black hair till they reach 80 years of age. For them, their long hair doesn’t just denote beauty, but is also a symbol of good health, fortune and longevity. The average length of hair in this village is six feet. In fact, the name of this village also appears in the Guinness Book of World records for having inhabitants with the longest hair.

The secret behind the long hair of these women is that they use fermented rice water for rinsing their hair just like their ancestors. The present day cosmetic companies also learnt from the Japanese and have been using rice starch and oils in hair moisturizing and nourishing products.

The Benefits Of Rice Water:

Rice water, actually fermented rice water is the water that has turned slightly sour during soaking rice. This water has high amounts of starch, which makes it rich in antioxidants, Vitamin E, minerals and also contains traces of pitera, a substance that is formed during the fermentation process.

Skin Benefits:

Apart from being good for hair, this fermented water is highly beneficial for the skin as it helps in softening the skin and in improving the skin tone. It also helps in making the skin firmer and reducing the number of pores in it.

Hair Benefits:

Is rice water good for hair? As for the hair, rice water acts as a wonderful conditioner for your hair. It gives shine to your hair and imparts nutrients that make it longer and blacker for a long time!

How Is Rice Water Prepared?

How to use rice water for hair? If you wish to make rice water for washing your hair, you would just need a cup of organic white rice and some clean water.

  1. Soak rice in water such that it covers the rice completely.
  2. Rinse the rice in the same water till the water turns cloudy. This would take around 30 seconds.
  3. Now strain the water carefully reserving the rice and throw off the strained water.
  4. This water might contain impurities and chemicals from the rice.
  5. Once again pour water over the rice, swirl them carefully and then let the rice soak in this water for a few minutes.
  6. Swirl the water again before you strain it.
  7. Now use this water to rinse your hair after you are done shampooing it.
  8. Let this water stay in your hair for two minutes and then wash off with clean water.

Things To Remember:

This rice water rinse should not be used more than once a week.

You should prepare it fresh each time you need to use it.



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