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5 Apps And Devices That Can Help Women Stay Safe When They Go Out Alone

It’s not fair that women feel unsafe when they go out alone, but it’s the reality of the world we live in. Luckily, there are apps and devices on the market that can give women and their families peace of mind.

With hundreds of thousands of violent crimes committed against women each year, it’s no wonder that many women are afraid to simply walk to their car alone. Being a woman myself, I know just how uncomfortable it can be to walk down a dark street alone or wait for a train in a near-empty subway station.

Looking back at the times I’ve been wary in the past, I wish I’d had the five apps and devices on this list. I definitely would have felt safer and less alone with them at my side.

1. bSafe

With the bSafe app for Apple or Android, you can share your location, send out an SOS alarm, or even receive a fake phone call to get out of an uncomfortable situation. There’s also a feature that allows you to simultaneously alert a friend, set off an alarm, and record your surroundings with the press of a button. One user said, “This app is my personal hero. I have no problem walking by myself in heels to meet up with friends in the city now.”

2. Wearsafe


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