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26 Neon Signs That Had ONE JOB…And Failed Miserably

Having dabbled in the world of corporate communications, I have a pretty solid grasp on the importance of advertising for a potential client. As part of their campaigns, business spend hundreds — if not thousands — of dollars on expensive, ritzy signs that they expect will draw crowds of customers to their establishments.

Unfortunately, these neon signs probably wound up attracting all the wrong customers…

1. Is that the British term for sightseeing?

Is that the British term for sightseeing?

Reddit / thepunis

2. Some businesses like to ask the obvious questions.

3. “Sup, Target. How you doin’?”

4. These guys don’t even try to hide what they’re selling at their x-rated bar.

5. Darn right.

6. These employees certainly are excited to go to work each morning.

7. I feel like someone is going to get fired here.

8. This bowling alley is rolling more than just balls.

9. Don’t waste your $12 on their food.

10. At least somebody loves me.

11. I went inside to pick up my prescription, but I can’t un-see the things that went on inside.

12. So this is where they put the elves after Christmas is over.

13. I’ll just order the chicken sandwich instead.

14. I hear they’re offering a special, two for the price of one.

15. Reverse psychology at its finest.

16. I love a good cocktail, but I think I would walk the other way if I saw this.

17. “There’s been an accident in aisle nine: Assault with a deadly banana.”

18. Dunk Nuts In Robbins…need I say more?

19. I love my life a bit too much to shop at this corner market.

20. Finally! A place where I can go to take a nap and get fit at the same time.

21. I’d hate to see their takeout menu.

22. I’m not sure they’re attracting the clientele they desired.

23. I wonder if this market is clothing optional?

24. That’s a long time to spend in a public restroom…

25. There’s nothing actually wrong with the lighting on this sign, however something tells me this isn’t what they ordered.

26. I usually just order my steaks well-done, but I guess that’s another way to do it.

Perhaps these businesses might want to invest some more money in backup lightbulbs.



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