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23 Simple, Yummy Recipes To Bring To Your Friendsgiving Dinner

Friendsgiving is sort of like Thanksgiving’s drunk, crazy, and way less judgmental cousin.

This new holiday is a lot less high-maintenance than the main event and can serve as the perfect way to destress after spending a full day with all of your relatives. There’s no need to worry about awkward political talk or your grandmother constantly bombarding you with questions about how sucky your love life is.

Rather than stick to traditional fare, this friend-oriented gathering allows you to switch things up a bit and take a creative spin on your holiday favorites. Whether you’re a Friendsgiving pro or a first timer, here are 23 amazing recipes that’ll make you forget all about what went down on Thanksgiving.

1. Start off the night with delicious sweet potato crostini.

Start off the night with delicious <a href="" target="_blank">sweet potato crostini</a>.

Naturally Ella

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2. A scrumptious Friendsgiving dish like this vegetarian shepherd’s pie will only take an hour out of your day.


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