20 of the Strangest People on Public Transport

20 of the Strangest People on Public Transport

The subway is not only one of the most popular means of city transport but also a place where you can see all sorts of people.

FunnyModo suggests taking a sneak peek at how creative passengers can get sometimes.

Nothing special. Just a girl with a raven on the subway.

You don’t understand. It’s haute couture.

Big Brother is watching!

Why bother dressing up when you’ve got such a chic pink nightgown?

When you don’t want to miss a thing.

“I’m da boss here.”

Winter is too cold this year.

Don’t look it in the eye. Don’t look it in the eye…

When you feel at home anywhere.

Someone’s throwing one heck of a party.

When a flu epidemic goes out of control.

“Stop goggling, and offer your seat to a lady!”

This granny has been in some serious stuff.

When you’re dressed to your current mood.

New service: booking seats on the subway.

You did a double take too, didn’t you?

When your suit looks exactly how your morning mood feels.

Spiderman is for real!

That’s a sleep combo.


Preview photo credit Aleksandr Petrosyan


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