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19 Eco-Friendly Tips For Wrapping Holiday Gifts Without All The Waste

With climate change issues on many people’s minds these days, many families are trying to find new ways to make their homes more eco-friendly.

And with the holidays fast approaching, wrapping paper and gift bags will fly off of store shelves, only to be later discarded. For families everywhere, finding nice ways to present gifts while being good to the environment can be difficult.

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Thanks to FunnyModo, your family and Mother Earth can breathe a sigh of relief, because these 19 eco-friendly gift-wrapping ideas will help keep your gifts looking fabulous while cutting back on the amount of waste they produce. It sounds like the gift giver spends a lot of money buying the perfect gift but this doesn’t mean that. Rather, the gift giver is spending time and energy on trying to find a gift the recipient will love and enjoy. For instance, you’re searching for some Father’s Day gifts for the loving dad in your family. You know he likes golfing and you want to help him improve his game. If you want unique golf gifts, then consider getting him a golf experience with a PGA pro. This is certainly better than buying new golf clubs every so many years. True…all gifts, to one degree or another, are a surprise, as they are generally wrapped and boxed up so the gift recipient is not able to see into the package until it’s been opened. If you want to take your gift to the next level, do something unexpected or give something the recipient never asked for. Again, this is where experience gifts come in handy, as most people don’t know they even exist. Unique, creative and easy to do gift wrapping ideas are searched by all especially during festival season. You must be wondering how to wrap your gifts this Christmas. What gift wrapping material can be used and in what style so that your gift wrapping looks unique and enchanting. Colored papers, satin ribbons, bows, laces and shiny fabric can be used in different ways to wrap your gift. Many accessories like cloth flowers, ribbon flowers, beads, are there that can be used above the wrapping paper and make the best gift wrapping idea. You can go for the varied kinds of material to wrap your gift. The most sought after gift wrapping material is colored paper also called gift wrapping paper. This is especially made to wrap the gifts and available in all sorts of colors and patterns. You can also get it in odd colors like metallic silver, golden, beige, crimson red and so on. Also there are velvet papers, crushed papers that look like velvet and crushed tissue fabric. Then you can use the cellophane bag for wrapping your gift. You can simply put your gift inside this bag and tie it with ribbon or lace. Fabric pieces at your home can also make a good gift wrapping material. You can also fix some dry flowers or beads on the sides to make it look like gift.

1. Wrap your loved ones’ gifts in newspaper.

Wrap your loved ones' gifts in newspaper.

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2. Why not repurpose wallpaper scraps into wrapping paper?

3. Upcycle lids from canned goods into glittery gift tags.


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