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17 Shocking Confessions From Gun Owners That'll Really Make You Think

The second amendment of the U.S. Constitution grants Americans the right to bear arms, but in the wake of recent events, the war over gun control has become a hot-button issue.

With factors such as media attention and political pressures adding fuel to the fire, the issue of gun control has unfortunately divided the nation. No matter your opinion on the topic, however, the fact remains that every responsible gun owner in the country has a reason behind their decision.

To shed light on their own experiences with guns, here are 17 confessions from people who bear arms that might just surprise you.

I have my conceal carry permit, but leave my gun at home most days. I  refuse to let fear become so overwhelming that I have to carry one  everywhere like a child with a security blanket.

I bought a gun for self-defense, but now police are shooting people who  have guns in their cars? I feel like it

Yes I

As a gun owner of numerous guns. I believe there has to be a better system  on gun purchasing and transferring when selling privately. Don



As a gun owner I want to have the right to protect the citizens around me.

I own guns. I carry one with me everywhere I go. They have never killed  anyone.

Whenever I

As a gun owner, I have to say that gun owners are the whiniest people. It

I own a firearm, and I am happy to undergo a background check, mental  health evaluation, gun safety class, and examination.

I own guns, and I want universal background checks. I may be sane, but not  everyone is. I just want my family to be safe.

A week ago a man attempted to rob me at knife point in my own home, thanks  to the 2nd Amendment he ran like a little girl out the way he came in. I

I open carry a pistol because I want to, and because I want people to see  that there


Hate when I tell people I own guns and they

I am a female and I open carry my firearm. If I come across a place of  business that says no firearms. I will no longer go to that place. That gun  is for not only my protection but yours too.

No matter which side of the issue you stand on, you’re living in a world full of illusions if you think change will come without making your voice heard.



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