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16 Life Hacks Which You Didn’t Know About

You’re probably already well aware of life hacks of all kinds. Ranging from makeshift crayon candles to different ways to store cords, you probably think you’ve seen it all. But don’t be so sure!

This list of life hacks may just help resolve some annoying problems you have to deal with everyday.

If you’re interested in seeing some life hacks that you’ve never seen before, check out this list of 16 life hacks which you probably didn’t know about.

1. To separate the yolk  from an egg without an egg separator, all you need is a plate and a water bottle. Break an egg on a plate and hover the water bottle over the yolk. To create suction, squeeze the water bottle. It will suck up the egg yolk and separate the yolk from the egg white.

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2. If you’re going out for a day at the beach but don’t want to carry around a big bottle of sunscreen with you, all you have to do is store the lotion in a contact lens case. The contact lens case is small and compact, and won’t take up as much space as a big bottle would. This could work for hand cream or any kind of lotion as well!

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3. To keep your linen closet neat and organized, store your folded sheets in empty pillow cases. This will save you space and make your linen closet much more organized.

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4. To make more space in your closet, grab a pop can tab and put put the hook of a hanger into the hole of the tab. Once you do this, you can hang another hanger from the second hole of the pop can tab. This will let you hang two hangers together in just one space.

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5. If you have several keys on your keychain and you tend to get them confused, just paint each key with different colors of nail polish to tell them apart.

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6. To save room in your freezer, store your frozen veggies using a binder clip. Clip each bag of vegetables onto the bottom of the freezer rack and you’ll save yourself tons of space!

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7. If your phone case impacts the volume of your iPhone speaker, just grab a needle and stick it into the holes in the phone case that cover the speaker, and it should increase your speaker volume by almost 40 per cent!

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8. To make sure that your food is heated evenly all the way through when using a microwave, create a little circle in the middle of your food. This will allow the food to heat up evenly, making the temperature of the food the same all around.

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9. To remove a stem from a strawberry, just grab a straw and stick it into the top of a strawberry. Push it through all the way to the bottom, and it will pop the stem right out.

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10. To open a blister pack easily, grab a can opener and attach it to the blister pack. Use it the exact same way you would open a can. Just twist the top of the can opener and it’ll open the blister pack right up for you.

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11. To fix scuffs and minor scratches on your wooden furniture, just rub a walnut over the scratches. Although this does not work for deep scratches, it will rub minor scratches right off.

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12. If you’ve ever struggled with finding the end of a roll of tape, the next time you use tape just grab a plastic bread tab and stick it onto the end of the tape roll to hold your spot.

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13. To keep your wrapping paper from unraveling, grab a toilet paper tube. Cut straight down the tube and wrap it around your wrapping paper to keep it secure.


14. If you run out of strings for your weed whacker, just use some zip ties.


15. If you’re drinking a beer or any other beverage but find it too warm, just wrap a piece of wet paper towel around it and put it in the freezer for 15 minutes. When you take it out, the beverage will be ice cold.


16. If you struggle making the perfect pancake without making a horrible mess, pour your pancake mix into a ketchup bottle and squeeze it onto your pan when you’re ready to make it.






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