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13 Road Trip Hacks For The Adventure Of A Lifetime

There’s nothing better than a road trip. Sightseeing, traveling, and hanging out with friends and family all at the same time, make for a great combination. But there are some ways that you can up your road trip game and make the experience the best possible.

1. Pack a cooler.

2. Use rubber bands if you don’t have a phone stand.

3. Play the license plate game and the winner gets ice cream!

4. Avoid meltdowns with a four way charger.

5. Always keep an emergency kit in your car with water and extra shoes.

6. Get a trunk cover so you can leave stuff in your car.

7. Keep change in your car for tollroads and people on the side of the road.

8. Use Roadtrippers.com to plan out your whole trip and find everything along your route.

9. Make copies of important documents and keep them on your phone.

10. This tip will save you a wrong turn!

11. Keep your emergency money hidden in lip chap, just don’t lose it!

12. Know where your exit is so you don’t get lost!

13. Keep all the important cables in one tangle-free spot!

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