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12 Awesome Home Upgrades You NEED In Your House

Since becoming a new homeowner last November, I’ve learned a lot of things not only about real estate, but also about myself as a person. Before moving into our home, my boyfriend and I lived in a one bedroom apartment. It was a pretty basic unit and didn’t have any fancy upgrades or features, so when the house hunt began, it was only then that I started to realize how important certain things are to me — like a double sink in the kitchen and a second bathroom. Even though we managed to survive four years in our tiny apartment, becoming homeowners definitely changed our lives for the better. We may not have the fanciest house in the world, but it’s definitely an upgrade from where we started.

Another thing I’ve noticed in our home over the last few months are all of the useful upgrades the original owner added. For example, our kitchen has a set of super deep and amazing pot drawers that I have fallen in love with. We also have a huge storage cabinet built into the wall of our main bathroom. While these features may not seem special to some, I personally don’t know what I would do without them, and I think we all have certain things like that in our homes.

Even though I am totally happy with the new house, I do get a kick out of seeing unique upgrades that others have incorporated into their space. It’s always interesting to come across a new product or feature that totally blows your mind or has the ability to make your life a tiny bit easier.

1. Sponge Tip Out Drawer

Have you ever been in a home that has a set of fake drawers in between the kitchen sink and the cupboards underneath it? I think their main purpose is strictly aesthetics, but for me, it has always seemed like such a wasted storage opportunity! That’s why I love that someone decided to come up with this practical way to utilize them!

2. Utensil Storage

I can personally relate to this common kitchen problem. I have a drawer that is filled to the brim with utensils! Even after the most recent purge, it’s still too full for my liking, and the only reason I can’t get rid of more is because I use everything in it! Having a storage solution, like this one, is such a great idea.

3. Island Power Supply

This is an example of an upgrade you don’t think you need, but once you see it, you’re astonished you have been able to live without it.

4. Stove Spice Drawer

Having a spice drawer right at your fingertips while you’re cooking on the stovetop is a food lover’s dream come true!

5. Convenient Chopping Block

Again, this is a kitchen feature I can totally get on board with. Not only do you have instant access to your trash bin, but the block is removable, so it can be cleaned whenever necessary.

6. Pull Out Pantry

If you hate getting down on the floor and digging through the back of your pantry as much as I do, this is the perfect upgrade for you!

7. Drawer Outlet

Having a hidden outlet like this is perfect if you want to keep your countertop clear to work on while also doing other things, like charging your phone or tablet!

8. Rotating Sink

This sink has so many useful features, you’ll wonder how you’ve managed to survive with your current, non-rotating one.

9. Mixer Storage

Yes! Yes! Yes! Why didn’t I think of this!? Seriously, if you own a mixer, or any large kitchen gadget, you know how much counter space it takes up. Having a spot where you can slide it away whenever it’s not in use is SUCH a good idea.

10. Grocery Door

I can honestly say I have never seen anything like this in my life. Make multiple trips from the car to the house after a huge grocery shop a thing of the past when you have this convenient shortcut!

11. Hanging Pot Drawer

While I really can’t complain about storage in my own kitchen for things like pots and pans, I know it’s something a lot of other homeowners are lacking. This hanging drawer solution is super convenient.

12. In-Counter Power Bar

Much like the built-in outlets from #3 and #7, this retractable, in-counter power bar is perfect for places in the home where spills can happen. A rubber ring  around the top forms a seal that prevents water and other liquids from getting into the outlets whenever they’re not in use!

Main image via At Home Arkansas

Collage images via 1. houzz / E Builders Homes 2. flickr / BeaglesDoItBetter

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